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Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome - An index of related articles Molecular evolution of the dog family A genetic history of the dog family, Canidae. Venoms are complex cocktails of bioactive compounds with high target specificity and serve multiple functions. This project aims to test the hypotheses that when an individual D. Males preferred digging in coarse sand, independently of their origin fine sand males: Data on the species biology, collected over many years, illustrates its range in the Yukon Territory, and fundamental knowledge about its life history is presented: These species are cryptic, and can be separated only by the structure of the palp and epigyne, sometimes only very slightly so. Student - oral presentation Biogeographic patterns of Atlantic Forest pholcid spiders Araneae:
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Social spider colonies constitute relatively isolated local populations forming part of a metapopulation. The proficient colonizing capabilities of spiders make them excellent candidates for testing these hypotheses and future studies in spiders should incorporate molecular methods to gain insight about the evolutionary processes that govern species delimitation and species hybridization. In our results we recovered the monophyly of Stygnopsidae, with two major clades within the family, considered and diagnosed as two subfamilies: Genetic patterns support these two hypothesized refugia with higher genetic diversity within refugial populations and evidence for range expansion in populations found outside of hypothesized refugia. Most of these studies have been conducted on females; thus, little is known about silk production by males. These data support vicariance and Gondwanan history as the best overall explanations of deinopid biogeographic patterns.
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Poster presentation The fear of spiders: Oral presentation Spiders in grazed pastures: Aiming to propose areas of endemism of the AF Pholcidae spiders and to investigate the species composition variation throughout the AF, we gathered the information on specimens collected in 48 AF localities, together with literature data and museum records. Postpartum evaluation of bovine reproductive potential: Student - Oral presentation Complicate or simplify sex? The majority of spiders within the RTA clade, including lycosoids, have lost the use of silk as a foraging tool, and some have retained the cribellum. Recent work however shows that Mygalomorphae are much more common and diverse than previously perceived.
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Despite all these studies, we still have a poor understanding of how the different amino acids interact to provide different silk properties across different species. Moreover, the mechanisms of structural variability seem to be consistent across different spiders. Theotima , a smaller, parthenogenic genus, and Ochyrocera , a non-parthenogenic genus. Over the past several decades, biologists have tested the hypothesis that forest contraction and fragmentation drove speciation in rainforest animals, concluding that in most cases species-level divergences predate the Pleistocene. Other work points to a non-adaptive rationale for the association of asexuality to habitat margins, because parthenogens frequently display hybrid ancestry, genome duplications often precede parthenogenetic ability, and admixture of sexuals and asexuals within populations is expected to be rare. Conversely, given that the spiders hide in the small, soft soil mounds made by the termites, which allow them to correlate their activity patterns with that of termites, the limiting resource could be microhabitat termite mounds availability, which might have driven niche partitioning. Using a transcriptome-based exon capture approach, we examined relationships between populations of three closely related species T.
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